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The challenge for this month is: What is Time?

You can give me anything touching on the subject of time:
- Something set in the past or future
- Something involving time travel
- Or perhaps perception of time
- Or maybe lack of time
- Or ...

Rules recap

If possible a new challenge is posted on or shortly after the first of every month. Submissions can be posted at any time after that. (Yes, even years later, but it might be helpful to tell people if you've posted a reply to an old challenge - just in case they don't get a notification)

Who can take part?
Everyone playing in LTSH and/or reading the OOC. That includes lurkers, people on hiatus, current and former players, mods, etc. etc.

What counts?
Writing (fanfics, original stories, personal experiences, essays ...) or artwork of any kind, unless otherwise specified in the respective challenge. It does not have to be LTSH themed if you are more comfortable with something else that fits the challenge subject.

Where do I post?
Post your submissions for this challenge IN THIS THREAD. Please don't start a new one for every submission. If it's too long, split it into several comments. Thank you.

Please refrain from ratings that would not be allowed on LTSH either. We'd have to delete them.


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