Trick or Treat Letter

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:01 pm
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Dear Author!
First, let me assure you that the characters I requested? No matter what you write, Trick or Treat, anything at all, I will love it.

If you want to tailor your work to my personal tastes a bit more: I mostly prefer gen, I really enjoy a dark fic, I love reading about characters getting (reversibly or permanently) damaged, I don't mind character death, but I'll also be absolutely happy if you write me something sweet and fluffy with any of the characters I requested.
Just… I'm really not into things like genderswap, I'd prefer my boys to stay boys and my girls to stay girls.

Now… let's see. In alphabetic order of fandom
A Song of Ice and Fire – Sandor Clegane
You could get him off of that blasted island for me. Or give me anything else from his past, his future, during the books.. I'm not hugely invested in the Sandor/Sansa thing. If he's to have a happy time with someone, I'd rather see him with someone more mature. I've probably still read any Sanor/Sansa story that is out there, so if that is what you would like to write, go ahead.

Babylon 5 - Byron Gordon, Alfred Bester, Lyta Alexander
Here, I have a few more characters – all or any of them. A missing scene, something pre-canon, post-canon, Lyta in the telepath wars, an AU that leads to a different ending for Byron, a shot at Bester's past or future, something sweet between Byron and Lyta, anything.

Deep Space Nine – Bareil Antos, Kira Nerys
Either, or both. I would have loved to see more of their relationship. I would love to read anything about their pasts. Or maybe an AU in which Bareil survives? With or without permanent damage from his injuries? Anything? Seriously, anything with those two, and I'll love it!

Harry Potter - Severus Snape
Here's another character I'll read seriously anything with. Pre-canon, during, post-canon, whatever you like. I'm not much into Snape/Lily.

Highlander - Joe Dawson
Here's another one where you really won't have to worry about whether I'll like it. Joe has held a very very special place in my heart for nearly two decades now. There is seriously no way you can write anything I won't like. Young Joe happy with Betsy. Joe in the war, Joe after the war, younger Joe with the watchers, something with Joe and Duncan, something with Joe and Methos… If you can spare me Richie Ryan, that would be great, if he happens to be your favorite character ever and you need him in a fic to enjoy writing, by lal means, put him in. (Actually, same goes for Duncan)

Napoleonic Era RPF – Arthur Wellington.
I love my Atty. There is probably no person in this world that I adore more. If you know me from YT chat you will know this. Please, please do not be daunted by this. Don't worry about writing him out of character or anything. There is seriously no way you can do worse in that department than some published authors have done, and I still loved reading their works. Anything you might write me with Arthur I will *love*.
If you want something more specific to work with – I run, where many anecdotes are posted, many of which could be fleshed out into a ficlet. Or just something, anything, an AU, whatever.

So this is a new fandom for me, and probably the first thing in 20-ish years that I've really gotten "into" a TV show. I haven't read the books, I probably will not read the books.

– Hodge Starkweather
My most favorite traitor. I lack the words to tell you how much I love this character. Something, anything, AU, missing scene, past, scene from him POV…

– Magnus Bane
Alternatively… Magnus is most definitely the aesthetically most pleasing male I've seen on TV in the last few decades, and hands down one of the most intriguing characters I know. How about something from his past?
Or maybe some Malec? I love Malec. I'd love to have a Malec treat.


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