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Michaelmas is coming up on 29th September! The feast day for Saint Michael the Archangel is also the feast day for the other two Archangels Gabriel and Raphael. :D So be wary of blackberries. ;)

I have a short fic snippet as a gift for our own Michael, the wonderful [ profile] angelofawesome . :D

Happy Michaelmas, dear! <3

Friendslocked for very mild slash, because I have anti-gay friends and family members and worry about one of them discovering my RP stuff. xD
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I've finally finished writing Belial's backstory! Or at least, the story of what he was like in Heaven, and how and why he joined Lucifer and Fell. Major references to Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries, and a huge thanks to [ profile] steadfast  ([ profile] stillnotfallen /[ profile] angelofawesome ) and [ profile] sunflower_mynah  for betaing! And thanks also to [ profile] norseloki  and [ profile] jan_skovasja  for helping me with Hell when I was half-asleep and simply could not parse Paradise Lost in my current state.

 It would have been inaccurate to say that Belial had never meant to Fall; he had. He just hadn’t known what it was like, at the time...

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So I've really been enjoying my new book, the Book of Angels. One of the pages has an Angel Alphabet and thought it would be fun to share:

The Angel Alphabet )

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I bought the Book of Angels today and thought I'd share, just for fun, some stuff it said about Raphael :3 Let me know if this isn't supposed to be here and I'll remove it.

(Raphael, According to the Book of Angels)



Apr. 7th, 2010 02:59 am
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I was happy to find out that the webcomic Holy Bibble was in the process of restarting the other day. (Note: Newspost has a nude picture; it's cartoonish, covered up with hair Lady Godiva style, and medium-smallish, but it's still naked Lilith. No word on the identity of the snake there.) It's a fun comic that good-naturedly riffs off on the bible, with the creators styling themselves as TRUE PROPHETS OF THE WORD, though the humour's a good deal more childish than with Good Omens.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that Bibble's version of Michael, while more taciturn and irascible than our Mike, strikes me as not all that different. Here's his to-do list for visiting Earth!

(The other angels are at varying degrees of, um, difference. Gabriel has a frighteningly permanent cheery grin. Raphael builds GIANT MECHS. Uriel is a pyromaniac and cuckolded Abraham with Sarai. Zadkiel gives noogies. Chamuel is Gabriel's assistant, and she has a magical girl heart wand.)
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... that made me laugh out loud, because yes, angels are warriors, but I never thought of them as looking like bodybuilders on steroids. Even Michael. Interesting artwork, though.

Michael, Gabriel and Uriel )
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I was poking around on Google Image Search last night, and found some interesting pictures, including one of Ishtar that's gorgeous, I don't know how Gilgamesh could have spurned her if she looked anything like that...

You'll get the nice ones at a later date. For now I'm going to share the LOL!angels. Gabriel really hates me right now, and soon Baraq will too.

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There's a handful of galleries on DeviantART that I don't watch, even though I love their work: They either never update or update so infrequently that bookmarking them seems a bit pointless. When I do stumble upon their pages again and find something new, it's a pleasant surprise.

This particular artist I found a year or two ago had a series of paintings he called the Angelarium. I'd loved them (I like our LTSH angels, but I admit I prefer this interpretation of them as alien and removed beings), but forgotten about it until tonight.

"Oh, cool," sed I, "He's painted Uriel! The people at Safehouse would love to see this OH DEAR LORD."

by =One-Vox on deviantART

SavioBriion: You should link to it in MP though. XD
Star Spiritgate: To share the emotional trauma?
SavioBriion: Yessssss
Star Spiritgate: Wonderful


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