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Alright people, is this just because both LJ and AIM are broken or are you not interested in having a chat and/or game anymore? Surely your e-mails and phones can't all be broken as well, so you should have one means of communication with Ricky. (And my e-mail is on the members-locked page. I just don't want to make it public.) So could you please tell us a few things?

1) AIM has closed down its group chats, so if we do want to continue to have a chat, it must be elsewhere. I'm not happy with it either, folks, but I can't change that. So do you want to chat elsewhere, or would you prefer, if we just stop having chats entirely?

2) It's been several weeks and LJ hasn't fixed whatever bug is preventing several of you, including Ricky herself, from posting. This is making us think we might be forced to move the game again. With the continued silence from you, though, we're wondering whether we should bother. Are you not playing because you can't or because you no longer want to? And would you be willing to come along to another platform, if LJ can't get its act together or not?

I'm afraid at some point we'll have to assume that you don't want to play, if we continue not to hear from you at all. At least I will.

(Post and wording are mine since Ricky still can't post.)
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Due to our new platform's current account policy, coming back here at least until February. Should LJ put us through a re-run of the trouble that sent us packing, we're off to dreamwidth once our paid time here runs out.

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Sphinx was so kind as to remind me that Friday next week is Christmas Eve. I would have completely failed to notice, I admit.

So... what will we do with the chat that day? Do you want to have it at another? Skip it? Have it for those that don't celebrate anything that day if there are any?

Input please!
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First off, apologies for taking so long about this.

Nina, Nikolai's sample thread will ba meeting between him and Rapahel. Raphael at that time is working in London as a doctor. Nikolai needs treatment for a bullet wound he doesn't want to explain.

It doesn#t have to be game canon unless you want it to, so don't worry about implications for the furhter game, unless you would like to.


Jun. 7th, 2010 03:28 pm
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I just finished updating the tags.

Please, everyone, remember to tag your threads - everyone can add their own name tag to the threads they play in. There are now also tags named .closed .open, .dreamstone plot and /private. The period and slash are there to make those show up first and second in the row, rather than anywhere in between the character names, in case someone is wondering.

I'd appreciate it if you would tag your own posts, IN PARTICULAR where the open/closed is concerned. Robyn will look over them all regularly, though, and add anything that's missing.

Also, I'm not sure if I missed any of the dreamstone threads, so if everyone could go and check on their own and add the dreamstone tag if I missed it, that would be greatly appreciated, too.

I like how some of you have been using the "current location" function for indicating where the characters are. I'm not going to make it a requirement, but if you feel like using it a bit more consistently that'd be great.

Other tag-related information: I changed the Lokis' tags to american loki and norse loki respectively to make clearer who's who after I accidentally clicked the wrong one a few times, and I added "NPC" before the names of the NPCs. I also filed Matthew under Dream and deleted the old tags that no one needs anymore because the list was getting a bit cluttered up with outdated ones.
Anyone wanting their own tag changed for some reason, let me know. I can simply change it in the list and apply the change to the whole community.
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Following up Silverfox's announcements with another one.

In the scope of reorganising our information, 'Fox just showed the somewhat inconsistent heaven and hell tours the door. Now on to replacing them with someting somewhat more consistent.

If I do it, it's going to take time, because I need to wait for free weekends. Volunteers?

What I want for this is the following:
Consistent information, based on Christian mythology, backed by sources. As sources, I accept the following:

1.) Bible (obviously; since I assume you know as little Greek as I, state in your sources what translation you're using. If you know Greek, use a bible translation and state which one anyway, because I do not).
2.) Apocrypha.
3.) Possibly Dante, BUT you should actually be able to trace any background he uses all the way to the bible anyway.

I want any statement made backed by a source, nothing arbitraty, please. I WILL counter-check the sources before posting anything. I will also reserve the right to kick out any information backed by a source 'Fox or I find inacceptable.
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Even though 'Fox is on something of a hiatus for five/six weeks, we'll still go through with the changes she decided on last week. The game has progressed well beyond being a remake of another one that died, so let us finally give it a proper "game identity" of its own.

This means that: )
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I'm trying to contact you all by IM, but just in case I can't catch all of you, I'm also posting this message.

I've not been part of the dreamstone plot up to now, and I also have not kept up to date with the planning thread. Since I'm now going to have to take it over from Fox for a little while, I'll need more of an idea of where we're actually going. As a matter of fact, Fox is the only one in the mod team who really knows where that plot is currently going. So please

1) Stop replying to the dreamstone plot thread or, if you do, be aware that we're not going to read it.

2) Sum up the plans that you have up to now and send them to me by email. Muri and I will go through them and get back to you when we have an idea of what's actually being planned.

3) One of us will then open some new threads for discussion of the details.

I hope that's the fastest way of making the two of us familiar with where the plot is going and help us figure out what we still need.

I'd like to thank you in advance for making this work!
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Okay, change of alarm status.

Loki is on hiatus until at least 13th April. In the meanwhile I'll try to keep up the status posts, but most modly business will be handled by Ricky. Please be good for her, I feel guilty for dumping all the work on her. (Of course, I know you'll be good. You're the best team of RPGers anyone could have. If you weren't we'd never have made it this far with someone as inexperienced as me in the lead.)

I can't promise that I'll be in chat, I definitely can't make it on time.

I also don't know what will happen after that hiatus, but things might improve again then.

So sorry, for causing such a panic and hopefully things will return to normal mid April.

PS: Brie, characters that aren't listed as taken in the user info of LTSH can always be applied for. Only those listed there and those forbidden by the rules should not be applied for. (You still can apply even for those, but you won't get them.)


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