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Your age: 23

Your country/time zone: GMT +2

A short introduction: I'm Elle, a university student from Finland who's hoping to graduate (as an English teacher) next spring. My interests besides RPing include writing, drawing, and crafts (in the form of customising My Little Ponies).

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character: Neutral Omens (Michael, Uriel), Lower Tadfield Safehouse (Artemis Fowl), various anime/manga/videogame based games (among other ones as an alternate Uriel, teenage tennis players, wacky future lawyers, and kids who use huge keys as swords).

Fanfic you’ve written: ,

Other ‘references’: Uh... I write original stuff, too?

Your character: Michael

Fandom they’re from: Good Omens-ish

Why you picked this particular character: He was my very first RP character ever (back in the days of Neutral Omens). This time, I'd like a fresh start on him, making him more in line with my preferences.

How did they get to Lower Tadfield: Due to a bureaucratic mishap, Michael's trapped in a human body (male, approximately 18-19). He's tried to apply for a change, but has been told that his wings have been misplaced. As he is now severely limited and has amassed quite a few enemies over the millennia, he's decided he needs somewhere he won't get killed or worse until he gets back to normal.

What your character is likely to do there: Meet old friends and make new ones, trying to adapt to his current less than angelic existence.

How do you expect them to react to the other characters already there? He'll probably have somewhat conflicted feelings about Raphael; on one hand, it's going to be great to see a familiar face, on the other hand, he's really not keen on the idea of another archangel seeing him in his current state.

Any plot ideas you might already have: ...Something tells me Michael might be afraid of dogs. So. He might end up in a tree at some point. >_>

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character: Michael has currently green eyes and black, curly hair.
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Rhaeii here, applying for a second character!

Application: Erik )

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Your Age: I've decided I won't be coy about my age: I'm 32.

Country/Time Zone: ECT - And since it's going to come up sooner or later anyway: I'm from Germany

A short introduction: I studied with Ricky and Chris, and Ricky has charmingly press-ganged me into joining the game. She knows I can't really resist an interesting character in an interesting situation. One other thing I should probably mention is that most other posts will probably be written be my Secretary Dragon, a little red Chinese dragon who jumps up and down on the keyboard to my dictation unless he gets his own ideas. (I use Dragon Naturally Speaking) I'll always proofread but I might not always catch some of Dragon's weirder ideas. So if anything in my posts is really, really weird, ASK ME.

Any previous RPGs: I guess the answer to that one is "Not really", apart from one session of a German pen and paper roleplaying game and some one-on-ones with Ricky.

Fanfic you've written: I'm not a writer, I'm a reader.
 Other references: I do naalbinding and origami sometimes, but as of yet no pictures. Maybe I'll upload a pair of not-quite-matching socks later.

Your character: "Just Driver" - Nikolai Luzhin

Fandom he's from
: Eastern Promises.

Why did you pick him: He's an interesting guy. Or should that be "interesting"? I also asked Ms. Marple, but she was too busy pushing up the daisies. She said she couldn't be spared.

How did he get to Lower Tadfield: He's looking for a real estate - His boss believes that the Transsiberian restaurant needs to branch out and took a liking to the manor. Nikolai is supposed to convince Adam to sell.

What will he do when he gets there?: He'll look around, assess things and the inhabitants. 
Anything else you'd like to tell us: Nikolai is an FSB agent who's currently on loan to Scotland Yard to investigate the Russian Mafia in London undercover. He is/was the driver of the boss's son but managed to maneuver the boss into prison and is now in fact acting chief, although nominally still his boss's (i.e. the former boss's son's) junior partner.
Like all vory, he wears the story of his life and crimes on his body in the form of tattoos, though they probably were somewhat prettier before they got cut up rather badly in a knife fight. For those who can read them, his tattoos mark him as king of the thieves and an accomplished assassin. The only tattoos that are visible when he's fully dressed are the ones on the knuckles and back of his hands.
He wears immaculate Armani suits at all times and usually matching sunglasses.
He drives a sleek, black Mercedes. Don't ask me about the model. Ask him. He knows.
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Hello there *waves* anyway here's my application to join your brilliant game. 

Your Age: 20


Your Country/Time Zone:



A short introduction:

Hi I’m Kat and I’m an Art and Design student. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, but I love Good Omens so I thought I try it. J


Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character:



Fanfic you’ve written:

I’ve only posted a few finished ones online and some fan art, but recently I’ve been bogged down in my own stuff. You can find it all here:


Other ‘references’:

See above I suppose


Your character:



Fandom they’re from:

Egyptian Mythology


Why you picked this particular character:

Because he’s my favorite Ancient God and you’ve not got anyone from that Pantheon yet.


How did they get to Lower Tadfield:

He may be a God but he’s willing to hitchhike.


What your character is likely to do there:

Explore he’s not been in this part of the world before, get to know beings from outside his own Pantheon, and generally enjoy himself.


How do you expect them to react to the other characters already there?

Given that the Romans conquered Egypt I reckon that he’d at the very least know the names and titles of some of the Greek/Roman Pantheon, he may have even met some of them (that’s up to their players), beyond that he’d probably get along with any dogs lovers; but may not get on with some of the angels the Ten Plagues of Egypt is still a sore subject.


Any plot ideas you might already have:

Not yet, but I welcome any ideas.


Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character:

Um I’m not shore if this is the place to mention it but the Egyptians only showed Anubis in two forms a Jackal and a Jackal headed man; I assume that it would be alright if he had an all human form as well even if its not so in myth, after all he’s a God so he must be able to change his form at least a bit- is it OK if I do this?

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Hey there! I'm Kirby. We'll be friends, I hope, I hear your crowd is extra-super cool you know. Angels and demons and all. Wow. Really cool.

Too bad that place is in Britain, really. The weather's going to ruin my tan big-time. Well, anyway, don't worry about that. I'll live. But right – I was going to introduce myself.

I've known from an early age what I wanted to do with my life, and worked to get it. Make no mistake, it's not that easy. There aren't all that many places that train people in my chosen profession in the first place, and in most of those that do, being a woman is a big no-no. My psych evaluation says I have the 'overdeveloped ability to categorise people as "different".' See, most people don't kill easily. At least not other humans. And if they do it's a big thing. But if those people you kill are different, that's different you know.

Did you notice the pun?

Anyway. They're so different they're hardly really human, and then it works out just fine. So, I got into the line of work I wanted to and worked it for a while. Then I got bored. I quit. They tried to keep me from quitting and I showed them it was a bad idea. I spent some time finishing up loose ends and settling old bills. I'd made enemies, so some sent their own people after me, and I settled those, too. Then I took a nice long eighteen month vacation on the beach and got bored even worse.

Then I went private. There's some real money in the private sector for people like me you know. I like that. Not that I need it. I'm rich, you know. I did some blackmailing and after some of those operations I was part of the money was just lying around and looking for someone to take care of it. Really cool.

Okay, so the boss-woman and the semi-boss-woman say I've got to say something about the technical stuff, too. I'm from Southern California.

Okay, okay, so actually I'm from Cody McFadyens Smoky Barrett books series. Happy now?

I'm from Southern California and the lady who's going to play me if you let me in is from Germany but has lived in Britain for a while. She knows the weather. She doesn't have a tan either. She's short and has grey hair and is older than I'm likely to ever get and right now she doesn't even have a computer with internet access but she can play from work. That's cool, too, don't you think?

The internet at work part, not the not having access.

She saw your game at Linda and Micha's place and thought it looked fun, but she's never really played anything like that before. She's willing to learn, though, or so she says. She's a historian, which is a super-extra boring job if you ask me. Gives her lots of time on the computer, though.

So, I'd be happy if you let me play with the boys, British weather or no. But until then, I think I'll find myself some fun ont he beach. Later alligator!



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So now that the worst part of the season is almost over, we'd like to apply for seconds.

As I said before, months ago, I want my second to be a baddy, and back then I settled on a certain assassin, who I'd still like to take.

Application )
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You already know me. If you need to check, though, the info is in my old application way back at the beginning of this community.

Your character: Jan Skovasja
Read more... )
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I'm not going to go into myself, because you know me...

You also know I've been thinking about this one before, so here he goes:

Jarod )
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I'm Micha, the husband of Linda (your Atlan).
I will try to apply for a character, but many of you know that my English is not very good. My wife will check my texts before I put them online, she promised.

Most of the information about me are the same as for my wife, so you already know them.

The character I would like to play is Dustfinger from Inkheart. He is a character from a book that was read into our world nine years ago. He has a wife and children in his book and wants to go back, but the man who read him out does not know how to read him back.

Dustfinger was a fire eater in his own world. He also works as a performer in the streets in our world. He has a little power over fire but by far not as much as your Lokis would.

He has long red hair, usually dresses in Jeans and a t-shirt and a long coat. He has three long scars on his face from where another man cut him because they wanted the same woman. It looks like his face was broken into pieces and put back together. The movie dustfinger has different scars, but I would like to use the book appearance. He also has a pet or friend, Gwinn, a marten with horns, that was also read out of his book.

He was read out of a German translation of an Italian book and lived mainly in Italy, so he would probably not be too got at English either. He would go to England if he hears that there is maybe someone who can read him back. If it turns out that there is no one and he comes by the hotel on his way back and likes it there he may just decide to stay.

About his character: Dustfinger is mostly a coward, but he can be brave if he has to.

He would not find angels or demons too strange, because his world has a lot of different beings. He will look for someone strong that may be able to protect him and stay close to that person.

I hope you understand all I have written. If you have questions, I will try to answer them. I also have a AIM account now, so I don't have to steal that of Linda anymore.
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Yep, finally here guys. Sorry it's taken...a loooooooong time. My comp is sorted now, thankfully and all in working order :) Hope this is alright.

Your age: 28

Your country/time zone: Australian EST

A short introduction: I'm Malice Haughton on lj, SilverWolf7 over at My real name is Melissa though :) I am Australian, as you can probably tell from my country/time zone above :P I write fan fiction. I am not employed and spend most of my time on my laptop on the net. I am boring in other words :P

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character: I played in the original version of this. I was part of a small rpg called the SOBettes before that though, who were the cheerleaders of the Slytherin Quidditch Team for the Harry Potter fandom.

Fanfic you’ve written: A LOT. Spanning quite a few different fandoms. Most can be found either on my main account here on lj [ profile] malicehaughton or on my page Here.

Other ‘references’: Well, I'm also on the Teaspoon under Malice Haughton. Here. That's for Doctor Who fan fiction only though :)

Your character: Anathema Device. Using this account.

Fandom they’re from: Good Omens

Why you picked this particular character: I played her in the original and had a blast :) Shes' a great character.

How did they get to Lower Tadfield: She lives there :P

What your character is likely to do there: She won't sleep in the manor. It's more than likely she'll get a job in the manor as a...well, whatever is needed of her. There she'd be able to keep tabs on what is going on, so she doesn't miss out.

How do you expect them to react to the other characters already there? She'll probably be nice to them. She's met Aziraphale and Crowley (naturally :P) but not many of the others. I can see her making friends with some, and trying to avoid others. Which others...depend upon the character and how they interact.

Any plot ideas you might already have: She goes to the manor because of the bad dreams. It's possible she may be able to help out, and since she was of some use when the world was ending, thought why not. Who knows, they might need a small town witch like her, or a professional descendent, at some time. She may or may not start looking for a copy of Further Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character: She is human. She can get along with characters that aren't (thankfully.) She's willing to help out in whatever needs doing.
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I hope I'm doing this right. :x Let me know if I screwed anything up. -Crosses Fingers-

Your age: 18

Your country/time zone: US Eastern Time

A short introduction: Hi. I’m Lily. I live in Michiagn with my family and a grand assortment of pets. I’ve been following you guys for a while now and have finally got the courage to try and jump in. :3

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character: I used to do a lot of Harry Potter RP as an OC on a site called Dissendium, but it went down a few years ago. I'll give you a sample if you'd like. 

Fanfic you’ve written: A few Drabbles, here

Other ‘references’: Some original fiction and (fanfiction I keep up only because other people seem to like it even though it embarrasses me) along with my photography here

Your character: The 11th Doctor, using [ profile] thedalekbuster 

Fandom they’re from: The Doctor Who-verse

Why you picked this particular character: I love the doctor. He’s got such soul, no matter which reincarnation

How did they get to Lower Tadfield: The T.A.R.D.I.S. it’s been acting up lately, sending him all over the place

What your character is likely to do there: Run around a lot. Be very intrigued with all the different species all under one roof. Ask some questions. Explore in general. Maybe stumble onto something that someone didn’t want him to see

How do you expect them to react to the other characters already there? Try and get to know everyone, perhaps be cautious of some of the residents, maybe even a little uneasy at first. He will probably end up scanning people with his sonic screwdriver, which might be a tad offputting. 

Any plot ideas you might already have: None really. I’m willing to go with just about anything.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character: He’s 907 or so years old, but thanks to the TARDIS, can go anywhere in space and time. He was present when the Titanic sank, (which wasn’t his fault, by the way), and has had adventures with many notable historic figures.
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Your age: 25 until mid August

Your country/time zone: United States, PST

A short introduction:  Greetings!  A friend told me I should join up so here I am.  I'm an amateur writer of a variety of genres and enjoy rpgs, both console and mbrpg.  I haven't been involved in any for a very long time, though, so I'm probably very rusty.

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character: I have been in a few over the years.  The biggest was Thanatos where I played an escaped military experiment in a post apocalyptic world.  Lynaria was her name and she had various LSD-esque episodes throughout that left her completely off her rocker.  She was a hoot to play. 

The other major RPG I was in was based on Gundam Wing.  I did that one when I was in Highschool and sadly cannot remember the name now.  My character, Nette Gradhouse, was an environmental terrorist who tended to blow up logging machinery in Brazil in her free time.  Eventually I retired from that to play Thanatos and Nette died from a mixture of alcohol and a gun with no safety on it... very sad to write but it came out well.

Before, after, and in between those two rpgs I was involved in a variety of smaller scale rpgs, usually revolving around mechas, final fantasy, and post apocalyptic desolation.  I tend to favor characters who are a little bit nuts but I think this would be a good chance to try something different than my norm.

Fanfic you’ve written:  A lot...  Let me see here.... My most recent major projects include "Unwanted Vacation" which is based in the World of Warcraft using original characters, and "The Ancient Coven" which is an Underworld fic based on Lucian and some originals.  Back in high school and the freshman year of college I wrote an extensive Harry Potter fanfic based on Remus called "Frost Bitten."  Most of what I have posted online (except for Ancient Coven and Unwanted Vacation) are terribly old and out dated.

Other ‘references’:  Elfwood, I suppose.  There's some original stuff here: ; I haven't updated my profile in a long while... life gets in the way.

Your character:  Aphrodite

Fandom they’re from: Greek/Roman mythology

Why you picked this particular character:  She's not my usual type of character and I wanted to try something new and fun.  She seems like the kind who would do well in a modern setting based on our ideas of sexuality now a days.

How did they get to Lower Tadfield:  By Ferrari, I would imagine.

What your character is likely to do there: Flirt, seduce, and otherwise cause upset in the ranks of men

How do you expect them to react to the other characters already there?  Well, given that she's the goddess of love, laughter, and beauty, she will be flirting with anything that looks remotely male, and probably with any women as well.  She has a temper though, and probably wouldn't get along with anyone who approaches her in beauty. 

Any plot ideas you might already have:  none at the moment

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character:  Think Jessica Rabbit with Blond hair and a can of pepper spray in her purse.  You can never be too careful these days... Especially when you're as pretty as she is...


Apr. 4th, 2010 02:30 pm
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I've been lurking and reading in your game for a while now, and decided I would like to join in the fun as well. In particular since you seem to be drawing near to the end of a plot-line.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Linda; I am German; I am living near Munich, which is in Bavaria. I'll be 35 this summer. I'm married with two sons. Were Asatru. By training, I'm a teacher for English and „Deutsch“, worked as a publisher's lector for a couple of years, but I'm currently not working aside from helping out my husband. He runs and art gallery and dabbles in painting himself.
I read anything from thriller to fantasy to sci fi, with a strong tendency towards the latter.
My roleplaying experience is mainly limited to traditional pen and paper games, such as DSA, though I have played Online-Forum roleplaying games years ago. I have only been lurking for the past five years or so. I don't write fanfiction, but I can provide you with a bit of original, yet unpublished, writing if you need a sample. I'd ask that it be treated confidentially, though.

I like a challenge, and therefore, I am applying for a character that I would love to play, even though I expect that you will be opposed to him at the beginning.

Let me try to convince you?

I am applying for )
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First off, this is more of a request that Belial be reserved until the Dreamstone plot is over, as I play Primoris for that one. I will not be taking him up now, but if you approve of my Belial, I'd love to play him after Primoris is gone. :D


Come sin with me... )


 Um. *nervous now xD* Opinions? Suggestions? Chocolate?

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Because obviously we don't have enough yet. And it's unfair to keep you guessing any longer.

So... guess who? )
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Application: Joseph Dawson
Your age: 42

Your country/time zone:  US (PST)

A short introduction: Real-life name: Dan(iel) Johnson. No way I'm going to let my wife have all of the fun on her own!

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character:
Online: None.
Offline: D20, Call of Cthulu, Boothill, Cyberpunk 2020. Haven't been playing for years, though.

Fanfic you’ve written: Nope

Other ‘references’: Nope (does that mean I won't be let in?)

Your character: Joe (Joseph) Dawson (Highlander)

Fandom they’re from: Highlander

Why you picked this particular character: If my wife's Duncan, someone has to play his watcher, right?

How did they get to Lower Tadfield: That's kind of obvious - He's McLeod's watcher, so he's got to move with him.

What your character is likely to do there: Open up another Blues Bar. Unless that hotel needs a barkeep?
He's used to odd folk, so he's going to be fine around all the supernaturals.

Any plot ideas you might already have:  Nightmares were mentioned. I'm sure Joe has lots of them. I have a couple of ideas, but don't know how much detail you want in these applications.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character: Joe became a watcher after he was wounded in Vietnam and saved by an immortal. That immortal's watcher told him about a) the immortals and b) the watchers, and recruited him when Joe was going to shoot himself. He's been McLeod's watcher since 1979. In the process he's just about broken any rule in the book. I'll echo Robyn here - how much do you need me to tell you?
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Application: Duncan McLeod of the Clan McLeod
Your age: 39

Your country/time zone:  US (PST)

A short introduction: Real-life name: Robyn Johnson. I'm looking for a nice, not-too-fast-moving online RPG to join and was pointed at this one.

Any previous RPGs you’ve played in and as what character: I haven't played at all for a number of years. While living in Germany, I joined a Harry Potter based online RPG and played there for a while. I've tried to find it, but the site seems to be gone. I played an original character, a Care of Magical Creatures teacher and helped out as a quasi-mod.

Fanfic you’ve written: I've never written any fanfic

Other ‘references’: Sorry, none.

Your character: Duncan McLeod (Highlander)

Fandom they’re from: Highlander

Why you picked this particular character: He was the first one that came to mind when I taked to Silverfox to Srall about possible characters.

How did they get to Lower Tadfield: Well... He moved to Paris when he "died" in front of witnesses in Seacouver, so I would say he "died" in front of witnesses in Paris and decided to move to England.  He's looking for a nice and quiet place to spend a couple of years in. Preferably away from large towns with too many reporters and other people who might notice something's odd.

What your character is likely to do there: Resting a bit from the Game. Possibly some other immortal mentioned to him that this Lower Tadfield place was a nice area to spend an extended vacation in. With Adam's influence on the town, the whole area might even be "Holy" ground. Therefore, safe.
Meeting other immortal beings that aren't his kind of Immortal and thus unlikely to want to behead him would be a nice thing for sure. He's had a run-in with the demon Ahriman, who tricked him into killing his friend and student Richie, so he's going to be rather wary around the demons.

Any plot ideas you might already have:  Well, he certainly has a great number of nightmares that might haunt him (and the others, for that matter, since I heard about nightmares going real).

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your character: Duncan is an immortal. He was born in 1492 in the Highlands of Scotland. He cannot die, unless you take his head.  How much background do you need on Highlander?


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