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Sorry for not being in chat last night - we had a bit of an emergency with a kid and a horse. Turned out to be a lot of ado about nothing, though and everyone is FINE now.

I tried to post this on the new platform but instead of my post, a reply from Ricky from the "test" thread showed up. Help? What did I do wrong?
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Alright people, is this just because both LJ and AIM are broken or are you not interested in having a chat and/or game anymore? Surely your e-mails and phones can't all be broken as well, so you should have one means of communication with Ricky. (And my e-mail is on the members-locked page. I just don't want to make it public.) So could you please tell us a few things?

1) AIM has closed down its group chats, so if we do want to continue to have a chat, it must be elsewhere. I'm not happy with it either, folks, but I can't change that. So do you want to chat elsewhere, or would you prefer, if we just stop having chats entirely?

2) It's been several weeks and LJ hasn't fixed whatever bug is preventing several of you, including Ricky herself, from posting. This is making us think we might be forced to move the game again. With the continued silence from you, though, we're wondering whether we should bother. Are you not playing because you can't or because you no longer want to? And would you be willing to come along to another platform, if LJ can't get its act together or not?

I'm afraid at some point we'll have to assume that you don't want to play, if we continue not to hear from you at all. At least I will.

(Post and wording are mine since Ricky still can't post.)
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Sphinx was so kind as to remind me that Friday next week is Christmas Eve. I would have completely failed to notice, I admit.

So... what will we do with the chat that day? Do you want to have it at another? Skip it? Have it for those that don't celebrate anything that day if there are any?

Input please!
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Even though 'Fox is on something of a hiatus for five/six weeks, we'll still go through with the changes she decided on last week. The game has progressed well beyond being a remake of another one that died, so let us finally give it a proper "game identity" of its own.

This means that: )
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RP chatlogs! :D In reference to Aziraphale Versus the Laptop, Round 1. While discussing that, I complained that the netbook i was using refused to pick up my dad's network properly, and would only steal someone else's if I kept stroking it. O.o Then I suggested Aziraphale stroke his laptop since it clearly needs some TLC. Then I played out Crowley's reaction. This is the resultant chaos.

However, Crowley and my netbook hate each other - I'd have to resend his reponses TEN TIMES before Jen received them. I cut most of those repitions out to save your sanity.

Read more... )

Now, I refuse to type his name on Meebo anymore because it then refuses to send. And even trying to copypaste this into the post field has resulted in lagging; evidently the poor netbook just doesn't like The Demon Who Must Not Be Named.
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Twilight in ten minutes

^ Chatlogs from Friday's AIM chat, in which I summarise the Twilight series. ;)
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So yesterday quite a few of us were in the chat and got to talking about translation errors. Now, as I have never seen a non-English version of Good Omens, I had to ask about one of the more infamous lines in the text regarding Aziraphale (I'm his mun, in case you didn't know ^^0) and his apparent sexuality. I laughed my arse off when I found out. , and maybe you will too :D


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