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Michaelmas is coming up on 29th September! The feast day for Saint Michael the Archangel is also the feast day for the other two Archangels Gabriel and Raphael. :D So be wary of blackberries. ;)

I have a short fic snippet as a gift for our own Michael, the wonderful [ profile] angelofawesome . :D

Happy Michaelmas, dear! <3

Friendslocked for very mild slash, because I have anti-gay friends and family members and worry about one of them discovering my RP stuff. xD
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I've finally finished writing Belial's backstory! Or at least, the story of what he was like in Heaven, and how and why he joined Lucifer and Fell. Major references to Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries, and a huge thanks to [ profile] steadfast  ([ profile] stillnotfallen /[ profile] angelofawesome ) and [ profile] sunflower_mynah  for betaing! And thanks also to [ profile] norseloki  and [ profile] jan_skovasja  for helping me with Hell when I was half-asleep and simply could not parse Paradise Lost in my current state.

 It would have been inaccurate to say that Belial had never meant to Fall; he had. He just hadn’t known what it was like, at the time...

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“So you are an archangel and the librarian?” Jan asked again.

“Yes,” Gabriel confirmed patiently. “Is there a problem with that?”

“Not with the librarian part, other than that you don’t exist.” The creature was obviously either insane or very clever. “Good thing I don’t plan on spending my holiday reading.”

“If you don’t like books, maybe you’d like to meet my cats?”

“And get cat hair all over me?”

“Then maybe ...” No ideas came. "There has to be something we can bond over!”

He was going to insist, was he? Oh well. “Want to play Scrabble?” Jan offered.

For Muri

Jul. 4th, 2010 11:00 am
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Special birthday drabble for my dear co-mod Muri. (Though others can read, too, if they want.)
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A huge thank-you to [ profile] steadfast  and [ profile] sunflower_mynah  for betaing! <3 And to [ profile] steadfast  for letting me borrow her Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Baby Zizi.

Title: Bedtime Stories
Rating: A nice fluffy cracky G.
Summary: Baby Zizi can't sleep, and so Michael tells him a bedtime story.

Night didn’t exist yet, not as it would come to be known, but the soft glow of Heaven was muted...
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So, Gabriel has been turned into a woman a few times in AIM crack RP. The last time she was female, things... happened. And I got a very evil idea. >:3  So here's my Annunciation fic!

Fluff and crack alert!

No title because I couldn't think of one, but suggestions welcome. xD

Follow the fake cut...
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"Rejoice, you highly favored one! The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women!”

Recognise that line? ;)

The Annunciation is coming up, and I thought we should mark it by a writing/art challenge! 8D

Write/draw something featuring any archangel and/or the Virgin Mary. :D
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I bring another Primoris fic! It's the full version of the fic his Christmas drabble was taken from and edited. I had fun writing it. O.o



Jan. 31st, 2010 12:53 am
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So, uh, I wrote something rather adult-rated for Gabriel (and Michael). It's over here.

Any slashy content at Gabriel's LJ is friendslocked, so you'll need to be signed in under your RP account to read it, I'm afraid.

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 I think I’ve already said all the cheesy things that need to be said about us in the A/N to your Christmas gift, so I’ll just thank you for the awesome year we’ve had and wish you many more.

  I’m afraid I really am stuck, and could only produce this. :( I’ll try writing something better soon!

 In honour of the number of times we've broken the fourth wall.

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“I can’t believe she didn’t even give me a chance,” Brian complained. “I mean, who’s ever heard of ending a job interview in under two minutes?”

“Well, Sister Mary has known you for a very long time,” Pepper hinted diplomatically. “I guess, she already knew she wasn’t going to hire you.”

“That’s the worst part,” Brian said. “I thought we were friends. She should know how trustworthy I am. You’d think she’d understand I’m the best choice for the job. It wouldhave been a perfect fit.”

“Brian,” Pepper exclaimed losing her patience. “You applied for a job as a cleaner.”
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The UTTER CRACK played out in the comments on this entry inspired this drabble. With major apologies to [ profile] starspiritgate  and [ profile] foxxfire5 , because I know [ profile] steadfast  will be amused.

Baraq -
Soap Opera

  He’s sitting on the couch with Aziraphale, shoulders and knees touching comfortably as they sip tea and poke fun at the soap opera on TV, when Crowley enters, glowering, and inserts himself between them. He blinks, surprised.

    Gabriel approaches him, grinning, with a painting of a very female Barachiel, but he’s only just glanced at it when Michael appears and pulls Gabriel away, mumbling something about a cat stuck in a tree and sending a glare Baraq’s way.

  Baraq doesn’t know how he ended up in a soap opera, but it’s nowhere near as amusing as the ones on TV.


For the record, Gabriel is being curious and friendly, but Michael's just irrationally jealous - he's not taking chances. As for Aziraphale... no comments there. Poor, poor Baraq, he didn't deserve this.

And again, my deepest apologies to Yubi! I know you didn't mean for any of this to happen, dear, it just... did. I blame Jen.

Baraq/Aziraphael/Crowley OT3!


Jan. 4th, 2010 09:49 pm
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This is actually for the tenth day of Christmas, as I was out and unable to get to a computer. I have a drawing for today, the eleventh day, but I can't find the card reader for my camera so you'll be getting it late, I'm afraid. :\ Tomorrow.

Pollution - Accomplishment

  The once crystalline-clear river is now a dull, murky brown, its viscous flow interrupted by the occasional styrofoam structure, oil puddle and car tyre.

  A seagull flails, trying desperately to flap its wings, heavy with slick oil. Another bird chokes wildly, trying to cough up the plastic bag it has swallowed.

  The setting sun’s light turns the grey sky blood-red. Plumes of smoke rise towards the sky, spelling out in wreathing smoke-letters the silent pain of the burning forest.

  In a petrol station, a pale young man wipes his hands on his grimy, off-white overall, breathes in deeply, and smiles.


Pollution always brings out the purple prose in me. :X
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“But I’m not even doing anything!” War exclaimed incredulously. “I swear it’s not my fault.”

Sister Mary didn’t seem to be blaming her, though, and Adam was too busy trying break up the fight to pay her any attention.

“Foul, treacherous spawn from the pit!” Michael roared shaking his struggling victim. “I’ll smite you and exorcise you and banish you back to Hell. And then I’ll tear you limb from limb!”

“No Michael, you won’t,” Adam repeated sternly. “Remember the rules. Put Lord Beelzebub down right now and apologise, or I will have to throw you out of the manor.”
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Dave the cleaner almost regretted having taken a week off for Christmas. His family had been so happy to see him and he’d had a wonderful time, but oh, how much work had piled up in his absence!

“Just look at this mess!” he exclaimed when he first saw the state the ballroom had been left in after the guest’s Christmas party. “That won’t even fit into the bin and I still have to clean up after the staff party as well!”

“No problem,” said Sister Mary. “Just dump the overflow into Pollution’s room and call it an extra service.”
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“The servants’ entrance?” Could it get any worse?

He had almost expected being banned from entering the restaurant when Sister Mary had informed him she was well aware of his true identity. Not being allowed into the bar was a disappointment and detrimental to his social life, but he could, sort of, understand that as well.

“The restaurant staff have complained that their customers feel your effect whenever you pass through the lobby,” Sister Mary explained. “It’s bad for business.”

Famine sighed and lowered his head in defeat. He was too much businessman not to understand the dictates of money.
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*gulp* This is the last drabble I have written. I'd better get to work on things for the next three days...

Lucifer - Imagine

  Imagine being Severed from His Presence, feeling that raw, gaping chasm in your core, like an empty vessel that has lost its purpose. Imagine the pain of Falling, watching the light of the Silver City become a distant and unattainable star, feeling flames scorch your wings, adding more pain to your agony. And the impact, crashing into that barren, fiery realm you now rule, organising that rabble of scared, hurt, Fallen angels, remaking them so the pain is lessened and they can make themselves useful. Ruling a realm of eternal pain and torture, after having basked in His love.


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Michael – Stumble

  It would be so easy to stumble slightly, give in, follow the path his brother took. He is the Warrior, God’s Right Hand, and Heaven has no chance of standing against him. Wrath and Pride dangle a shadow’s breadth away, teasing him, and Lucifer would welcome him triumphantly. He could command another army, one with fewer scruples to impede them.

  Gabriel looks up from his book, smiling gently at him, as Raphael sets down a plate of cookies and Uriel pokes his head out, paint on his nose, and the Presence is warm within him. And Michael the Archangel smiles.

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She couldn’t completely control her powers, but that was a good thing. She couldn’t have existed in a world that was completely peaceful.

Of course Adam’s rules meant that she couldn’t allow a real war to break out in Lower Tadfield, not with tanks or bombs or even machine guns. Even Adam couldn’t stop her presence from causing simmering anger or outright arguments.

With a satisfied smile War leaned back and listened to the sounds of Loki and Uriel’s argument drifting in from the corridor while watching Crowley and Baraq’s silent, but no less devious fight over the TV remote.
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Since Yubi offered us Drugs and Primoris, I thought I'd offer my Primoris drabble to go with it. ;)


Primoris - Deceptive

  All you can hear is your heart beating; you dare not move or even look back, in this maze of dark corridors.

  Is that a footfall behind you? An intake of breath?


  Forgetting stealth, you break into a run, feet pounding against the ground, onwards and onwards on a neverending path; you know there is a shapeless terror behind you, gaining on you, and you dare not look back. Run, until your heart gives out, and you never wake.

  Run, run, as fast as you can, little mortal man. For I am waiting, at the end of your path.


I admit, I originally wrote something that was way over 300 words for him but then this had to be a drabble, so I took the last bit and edited it to stand alone, and voila.


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