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We updated the Room list and Time Line.

For the room list, we noticed that
1.) Anubis and Sphinx were accidentally assigned the same room. Since both are expected back at some point, we've reassigned Anubis
2.) War and American Loki were assigned the same room. We've moved War, in case she wants to come back, since she can't have had the same room Loki had during his first stay.

Please let me know how you like the new Timeline format!
Timeline March/April
Timeline May/June
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It's been long in coming, hasn't it? But, here it finally is, a small compilation on bits and pieces of the world we play in.

Age of the World )

Angels and Demons )

What's where? )

Heaven )

Manifestations of God )

Angelic Hierarchies )

Hell )

A last word: Please keep in mind that we are not a strictly Biblical/whatever game. We're not even a Good Omens game. We're a Good-Omens-based free multiverse roleplaying game.

A word of thanks to everyone who helped with this compilation (in alphabetic order)

Brie & Jen, for initial research
Fox & Linda, for phrasings, discussions and general modly stuff
Rhaeii, for more research and translations from Hebrew
Sphinx, for checking things for me

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Well, as some of you know we got floorplan drawings a while back. In the chat we just decided that since I'm still not sure when I'll manage to set up my too large scanner and scan it, rendering it on the computer in a line drawing would be a good temporary solution.

So, here comes the ground floor (1st, 2nd, 3rd to follow);

Suggestions for what the unmarked rooms can be used for are welcome.

The small stairs down go down from the lobby, the large ones that go around the corner go up; The room nearly hidden under the large stairs up is a general storeroom for cleaning stuff and so on.


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