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We updated the Room list and Time Line.

For the room list, we noticed that
1.) Anubis and Sphinx were accidentally assigned the same room. Since both are expected back at some point, we've reassigned Anubis
2.) War and American Loki were assigned the same room. We've moved War, in case she wants to come back, since she can't have had the same room Loki had during his first stay.

Please let me know how you like the new Timeline format!
Timeline March/April
Timeline May/June
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It just struck me - we've been randomly assigning rooms and conveniently ignoring stating the floor or room number. ;)

While I don't want to put a cap on the number of rooms available, obviously, I do hope to minimise continuity problems (for example, and I'm making this up, Uriel descending two flights of stairs from his room to go to the lobby, but Gabriel going up two flights of stairs from the library, which is on the second floor, to visit Uriel in his room). Plus, knowing where characters are in relation to yours might facilitate some interaction and thread ideas. :D

My idea: this post/thread will be a list - leave a comment stating which room your character is in, and I can link to it from the timeline post or something.

So if you guys agree that we should keep a list of who's in what room, the description of the Manor is here. I understand that you might want to take a while to think about the location and also choose a number with some significance to your character - while I have decided Gabriel's room is on the third floor I am still thinking about the number.

Plus, at some unforeseeable point in the future, I plan to draw a rough map to standardise the layout of the ground floor (for the ballroom, restaurant, bar etc) for the same reasons as keeping track of the room numbers. I'm not going to attempt the rest of the Manor. ;)

Edit: I've added a link to this post in the timeline post, but if you can think of a better location I'll change it (or get Fox, Ricky or Muri to change it if it needs mod powers ;) )

Edit2: I'll be adding each room to the list from now on. XD

101 - Uriel
102 - Belial
106 - Duncan McLeod
109 - War
110 - Raphael
111 - Rose Heerkens
201 - Methos
202 - Loki
203 - Joe Dawson
204 - Murdoc
208 - Jan Skovasja
211 - Baraq
303 - Anubis
304 - Trilby
307 - Gabriel
309 - Michael
310 - Jarod

Other notes: Gabriel will most often be found in the library between about ten AM to about six-thirty PM, allowing for his lunch and tea breaks. Rose should usually be found at reception, I think, and Joe is in charge of the bar. (it'd be great if I could get a rough estimation of working hours, since we may have the odd guest who turns up before the sun rises or at 3AM or whatever XD)


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