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This is something I whipped up today while I should have been working for Michaelmas. It is my view of michael as the leader of the host not just in the martial sense of smiting with a sword but in a more strategic sense. I think I've described my view of how michael could be to people before. It is set to the events of our game world (a little in the future from where the posts are now) but of course is not to be taken as how michael necessarily is in our game world. :)

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Warning: This isn't one of my funny fics ... though not one of mybad ones either. It's just not meant to be a fluffy happy story.

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Happy Michaelmas everyone! I tried writing and succeeded a little bit, buuut Gabriel didn't start humouring me until last night, which was promptly when my head felt like it was going to explode. So I really wrote most of this today. Once I get it fixed up I'll probably post it other places, but y'all get to see the first draft :D

This is based on a real Bible story/Jewish legend starring Gabriel and Michael. My apologies to the darling RPers of Gabriel and Uriel, as the two as they appear in this story are "my" versions as opposed to yours, but that's because they wouldn't let me write them any other way. Besides, Uriel only makes a cameo ^_^0

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If I don't take a break now I will start speaking in Shakespearean language soon and I shall go mad.  *grr*

Let us to't pell mell
If not to Heaven, then hand in hand to Hell!



My offerings were posted a couple of days earlier, but I look forward to everyone else's contributions! :D

Wow, most paintings of him depict him as so pretty and feminine it's amazing. xD Ah, finally.

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I know Michaelmas is on the 29th, but I am unsure if I will have time to post all this on the day itself, seeing as how I have exams. Since my gifts have been ready and waiting for a while, all nicely wrapped, I thought I'd post them early. xD

First off, a story, After the Storm. Title suggested by [ profile] _silverfox, betaed by [ profile] steadfast. Characterisations based off role-play versions.

The sky over the City was darker than it had ever been; it bore a reddish glow, as if to match the blood that had been shed in the Silver City that day.

Next up, some art! Er, scribbles masquerading as art. xP

A sketch of the Archangel Raphael, a sketch of a six-winged Seraphim, and a doodle of some random angelic warrior.

Happy Michaelmas, everyone!

Much love,

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An idea has been floating in my head since July (when I was a bit grumpy that I'd forgotten to commemorate the Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel, on the 13th of July if I recall correctly).
So basically Michaelmas is principally the feast day of St Michael the Archangel, but it is also the feast day for the Four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. I thought we could commemorate this, like we celebrated April Fools' Day and Easter. :D
Basically, we celebrate it by producing fic or art or both, but it must have at least one mention of an archangel (one of the Four), or a flaming sword, or both. xD And it must be submitted before or on the 29th of September, aka Michaelmas.

Happy writing/drawing!


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