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Alright people, is this just because both LJ and AIM are broken or are you not interested in having a chat and/or game anymore? Surely your e-mails and phones can't all be broken as well, so you should have one means of communication with Ricky. (And my e-mail is on the members-locked page. I just don't want to make it public.) So could you please tell us a few things?

1) AIM has closed down its group chats, so if we do want to continue to have a chat, it must be elsewhere. I'm not happy with it either, folks, but I can't change that. So do you want to chat elsewhere, or would you prefer, if we just stop having chats entirely?

2) It's been several weeks and LJ hasn't fixed whatever bug is preventing several of you, including Ricky herself, from posting. This is making us think we might be forced to move the game again. With the continued silence from you, though, we're wondering whether we should bother. Are you not playing because you can't or because you no longer want to? And would you be willing to come along to another platform, if LJ can't get its act together or not?

I'm afraid at some point we'll have to assume that you don't want to play, if we continue not to hear from you at all. At least I will.

(Post and wording are mine since Ricky still can't post.)
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It's been long in coming, hasn't it? But, here it finally is, a small compilation on bits and pieces of the world we play in.

Age of the World )

Angels and Demons )

What's where? )

Heaven )

Manifestations of God )

Angelic Hierarchies )

Hell )

A last word: Please keep in mind that we are not a strictly Biblical/whatever game. We're not even a Good Omens game. We're a Good-Omens-based free multiverse roleplaying game.

A word of thanks to everyone who helped with this compilation (in alphabetic order)

Brie & Jen, for initial research
Fox & Linda, for phrasings, discussions and general modly stuff
Rhaeii, for more research and translations from Hebrew
Sphinx, for checking things for me

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Sorry for the delay. All three of us were working last night, so we didn't really have time to chat. We just caught up on the most obvious matter though -

Erik: Accepted.
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We've had a mod meeting Wednesdays for a couple of weeks now, and I think it's just fair to inform all of you of what is being discussed there and to what kind of results we are coming. Please read these, IN PARTICULAR if they have your name on them.

Application: Raphael )

Application: Dr. Who )

English requirements )

Jen, Raphael, please help us clear up questions.
Robyn, start sample thread.

Decisions made: --


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