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I'm waiting to make any posts with Jan after Methos' arrival until Ricky posts the plan of the manor so we'll know where their rooms are. (Jan is in 208 so it seems likely one of them will have to pass the other's room every time he comes or goes. I expect they'll be able to feel each other whenever that happens -> two very nervous immortals?)

To Jan

Jul. 20th, 2010 06:08 pm
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Silverfox, do you have any special wishes on how much Joe will find on Jan in the Watcher databases?
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To [livejournal.com profile] halosphere:  is the Michael & Raphael thread done, dear, or did you have more in mind?  Michael's asleep but he's a light sleeper, so if Raphael pokes him he'll wake up.

To [livejournal.com profile] halosphere and [livejournal.com profile] cattygabriel :  Shall we have Raphael and Aziraphale talk some sense into Gabriel? >)  I was thinking that would be an excellent dynamic, especially if we wait a bit for Aziraphale to sort his own stuff out with Crowley.  Because something like...

Gabriel: I think I'm in love with Michael?
Aziraphale: Oh, love is the greatest force in the Universe, I've never been happier than I am now that I am in love <3
Raphael: NO, love gets you eaten by hellhounds!!!

... could be epic win xD

It's up to you, ladies. 

I'm just posting this here instead of contacting you both via email because my email *glare* is throwing a hissy fit, again.
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Just in case I missed the memo - is Brie's Belial a continuation of the old Belial, or are they completely different?  I.E., is the one that just waltzed into the Manor the same one who gave Aziraphale mousse when he first arrived?

Sorry, I just needed clarification ^^;

Doctor dear

Jul. 5th, 2010 06:00 pm
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If you wanted the sample thread to be canon, it would've been easier to just continue where you left off (like Dustfinger did). Otherwise you'll have to copypaste your whole thread or something, which is going to be a bit tedious I think.
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After months, nearly a year, we have ended the Dreamstone plot!

I'm just going to thank everyone. xD Ricky, our mod, pushed us to finish it by the deadline. Chris, aka Dream, originally conceived of the plot and without him we wouldn't have been able to wrap it up the way we did. It was epic. <3 Yubi, aka Trilby and Baraq, was AMAZING, full of ideas, and her spells were awesome. Fox helped us with the initial ideas and NPCed Drugs. And all our wonderful players - Jen (Michael and Aziraphale), TaoChris (Rose), Rhaeii (Raphael), Dan (Joe Dawson) and, basically, all of you, amazed me with your chilling, well-written nightmares.

I got to make people's deepest fears manifest as Primoris, the first nightmare, and I can't pretend that hasn't been fun. xD

So here's to the end of our first plot, and to many more! *opens champagne and throws confetti*
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Hey all,

Just to say that as discussed with [livejournal.com profile] norseloki Daniel is making a return to the manor now he can access the dreaming to look for Primoris and finish things. Essentially it means that if nothing else has progressed he can godstrike the plot into submission.

I've set him up as arriving shortly before dawn because I reckon that for dramatic purposes the nightmare being banished by Dawn's first beams of light is dramatically cool. Ok, not actually by but you know, metaphors and symbolism and stuff. Especially since 1st may is I believe the beginning of the pagan year when the earth is reborn, etc.

My two thoughts on how this can link with Trilby's banishing is either Trilby does it when Daniel is fighting Primoris and banishes him while the two are distracted or daniel comes in on Trilby trying to do the banishing and gives him an oomph (soul?).

Mainly though this post isn't meant to stop stuff from happening earlier in the night but a good bit of parallellism is probably needed to hit the deadline.
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Hi everyone,

Just in case some still have not heard - the dreamstone plot is going to close on 1 July AT THE LATEST. As I said before, I'm not well able to deal with the kind of chaos plot this is, where no one knows where things are even going or how to resolve the problem in the end. I appreciate that things are moving now, but no matter how well they are moving I'm not going to add any grace periods or whatever to the deadline I set. Otherwise I would see myself forced to drop the game, because quite honestly, that bit of open chaos at the back of my mind that I can no longer ignore since I'm now forced by the law of my country to read every single posting made, is starting to affect my real life work. Which is NOT acceptable. So it's nice you're being all fancy and stuff, but keep in mind it's going to end in a week.
If you haven't finished that plot before then, the first thing I will do when getting up on 1 July is close that plot.

Also, Loki is not going to take part in any dreamstone threads, same as until now. To my knowledge, participation in that plot has never been mandatory. I personally will be happy about every character that does NOT draw things out.

Yes, I should've refused to take over while that plot was still open. I thought I'd be able to handle it, I was wrong. Sorry for that. So I suggest you don't make the closing bits so elaborate that they can't be resolved by that date.
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First order of business, the story/picture I made for the SA.n Mayfly challenge has a familiar face in it. Surprisingly, no small children had any lasting trauma. This time.

Second order of business, as of May 1st the nightmares have broken out. It's midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark; under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart whether the manor inhabitants are awake or asleep, my hunch is that they'll notice something's wrong pretty quick. So, go forth and... react and stuff.

I am informed that we are on a deadline for this plot, so, ideally, I'm going to need someone (Matthew? Gabriel? Some culmination of events with other characters?) to set Trilby up for the banishing spell. (See this post for one of the last brainstormy threads on the plot.)
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As people may have seen from the status post I've been rather remiss in posting with adam recently. This is partly apathy and lack of enthusiasm on my part. My big problem being I can never think of posts to make with him, have concluded I don't like big group threads (lack of time means I easily get lost and out of date) and so on.

So I considered e-mailing Fox and just saying "Sorry, I can't do this any more" but thougth I'd at least try to get my mojo back a bit...

So does anybody feel like having a chat with Adam? There are plenty of people I've not spoken to yet I think or any of the people he has.

I'm happy with anything from "So, you're the anti-christ" conversations to simple "hey kid, what you doing round here?"

So yeah, anybody interested?


May. 13th, 2010 02:54 pm
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Now that we're closer to the crux of the Dreamstone plot...

Primoris is planning to pull down the walls between his Dreaming and the Manor soon, to allow for everyone's nightmares to cross over. To factor Trilby's spell into that... I kind of picture Trilby doing the spell, and causing the walls to weaken. Primoris would be surprised but shrug and go ahead with the plan sooner rather than later.

As for defeating him... I was thinking that while the characters try to overcome their fears, Primoris is so focused on terrifying them and feeding on their fear that he grows lax about security. And as Gabriel has already conveyed all he knows to Daniel, and as I think such an event - dreams spilling over to the waking world, even in the sundered Dreaming - would attract Daniel's attention, I picture a climactic showdown between Primoris and Daniel.

Thoughts, anyone?
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Well, I'm glad that silliness is over. I'm backish. Now to catch up with a frillion things.

Another heads-up -- once I'm done with some of the threads I'm in, or at least caught up with them, Trilby will be casting the spell on the 23rd ingame, unless someone feels like doing something on that day. Even then, he'll be casting it in the evening, so whatever you want to do can be done in the morning or afternoon.

(Mainly I picked that day because I like the date. 23/4. What? Dates are important in his canon...)

EDIT: Oh, this thread is still open for people to come bug Mister Robie.
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Hey all,

Just a bit of a public service announcement. I've been a bit tardy at doing anything with this game for a while. I've been very short of time and getting a bit stressed out by things. I've just posted into the Rose/Adam nightmare thread and still need to do a Daniel/Gabriel thread. I'm on holiday next week and I am not intending to start diving into other threads until after that. Even then I'm likely to be tryign to avoid the big threads and go for more one on one type stuff since I don't have the time to follow big threads.

If anybody does want to do stuff then Rose has proved that e-mailing me and poking me seems to work wonders..

Gabiel - A new post set in the dreaming will be forthcoming soon. I'd written a nice big intro post setting the scene but then internet explorer being a pile of **** chewed it up and threw it in the bin leaving me with 17 words of it. I'll try to write a new one tomorrow or something.

So in summary sorry to anybody who has been expecting me to be more pro-active. Luckily I know you can all cope when I'm not watching so its all ok. ;-)

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Hi guys,

I need some input on this one.

For whatever reason (which I really don't feel like going into now) War is still stuck in a fighting stance at the beginning of the thread while everything has moved on around her. I didn't manage to reply to comments directed at her before everything else swept on and now I'm not sure how to extract her.

Yes, I know according to the rules I should just pick up where I left off and post right at the end, but if I post right at the end now in response to stuff much further up it will not make any sense, and won't account for the fact that everyone else has done stuff around her.

The problem with this? War doesn't get geared up for a fight, issue a challenge and then go "oh, actually I can't be bothered". I wanted her to meet people, and she sort of has, but sort of not. Anyway, she's stuck there, and I have no idea how to get her out, or indeed how to handle meeting any of the people she's sort-of met there. There's too many posts to pretend she wasn't there at all, but I don't know what else to do*.

So, basically, any ideas are very welcome. If I'm totally honest, I feel stuck in the game now because she's stuck in this impossible position and I don't know how to get her out or how to then play her going forward, depending how I get her out.

Any thoughts?


*The best I've got is her waiting for someone to fight her, and then rolling her eyes (actually or metaphorically) and giving up when they all end up fighting/being inside (assuming that is where everyone ends up - I'm finding it a little hard to tell from the thread). That's not great, though, and doesn't get over the meeting/not-meeting issue.
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Easter/Spring Equinox Party
Manor Ballroom
Refreshments Provided
Meet your housemates+

The easter thread has been posted.  If it's not too OOC, have your character stop by <3

(yes, the + is really in the poster he made.  Because he wanted a BIT of religion in there so he didn't get smote ^_^0)

(also, I thought there was a ballroom, but if there's not I can definitely change the location, teehee)


Apr. 3rd, 2010 04:19 pm
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As Jen requested, please start no threads dated later than April 20th until we complete the Easter Party thread. (And can I just personally plead that we do so quickly? Loki’s stuck in America until we do and I’d so like to have him back.)

After that you’ll be free to post threads dated up to May 5th. If you’re still planning a nightmare thread, please put it into this time period as sometime soon after that Trilby will accidentally cause the Dreaming bubble to rip and merge with the waking world.
Brie, this is also the deadline for Gabriel to collect his allies!

After that the endgame starts. All threads with nightmares walking the manor go into the time period after that. The men who tried to kill Rose's pack, Matael/Mathim, the Welder (the guy from Trilby's nightmare) Angel Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel’s fear and some arrogant Norse gods who despise Loki will be around – maybe also Loki’s pink wombat.


Brie – What is Primoris’ worst nightmare? Yubi suggested using it to fell him in an ironic way. Does that give you any ideas?

Yubi – If we go with Trilby defeating the weakened Primoris is he more likely to be able to banish or bind Primoris? He can get instructions how to adapt the spell via Matthew and Daniel.

Everybody – Any further additions to the list of nightmares walking the manor?

Proposed: Weakening Primoris
by turning and fighting the dreams (Can dreams be hurt/killed this way?) or
by taking control of your dreams (To be honest, I'm not overly fond of this one. It makes it look like Primoris never had any real power.) or
by the nightmares themselves becoming more independent through being in the physical world and Primoris struggling to keep control or
by attacking the Dreaming bubble or
by using his own fears against him
Everybody (especially Daniel) - Pros and cons for these?


Mar. 18th, 2010 10:27 am
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For continuity reasons, I'm probably going to be moving the Barnaby arrives and his morning chat with Aziraphale threads each back a day (so, to the 2nd and 3rd respectively). This should not create any conflicts, since it's only intended to fix how he has a paintball fight with Az when he meets him the next day. Just a heads up for the official timeline!
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Pretty please don't let your dates go beyond April 20th for the moment, as that will be the day of the Easter party and who knows what might happen there? ^_^0  In fact if you want your say or if your character is of the helping-out variety, you might want to hop in the planning thread <3

Speaking of that thread, Aziraphale would really like to both apologize to Rose for making a mess of the lobby, but also ask for her decorating savvy.  Although that's easy to avoid if necessary, but would [livejournal.com profile] roseheerkens like to join that thread?


Mar. 12th, 2010 02:42 am
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[livejournal.com profile] lady_of_nineveh? How do you want to wrap up the nightmare thread?

I wouldn't be opposed to them finding tears in the fabric of the dreaming, even if they don't recognize it for what it is, as foreshadowing; then Primoris could pull the plug on the dream for... some reason or other? Because they're too aware/not being amusing anymore/something.
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I'm trying to contact you all by IM, but just in case I can't catch all of you, I'm also posting this message.

I've not been part of the dreamstone plot up to now, and I also have not kept up to date with the planning thread. Since I'm now going to have to take it over from Fox for a little while, I'll need more of an idea of where we're actually going. As a matter of fact, Fox is the only one in the mod team who really knows where that plot is currently going. So please

1) Stop replying to the dreamstone plot thread or, if you do, be aware that we're not going to read it.

2) Sum up the plans that you have up to now and send them to me by email. Muri and I will go through them and get back to you when we have an idea of what's actually being planned.

3) One of us will then open some new threads for discussion of the details.

I hope that's the fastest way of making the two of us familiar with where the plot is going and help us figure out what we still need.

I'd like to thank you in advance for making this work!


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