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It's been long in coming, hasn't it? But, here it finally is, a small compilation on bits and pieces of the world we play in.

Age of the World )

Angels and Demons )

What's where? )

Heaven )

Manifestations of God )

Angelic Hierarchies )

Hell )

A last word: Please keep in mind that we are not a strictly Biblical/whatever game. We're not even a Good Omens game. We're a Good-Omens-based free multiverse roleplaying game.

A word of thanks to everyone who helped with this compilation (in alphabetic order)

Brie & Jen, for initial research
Fox & Linda, for phrasings, discussions and general modly stuff
Rhaeii, for more research and translations from Hebrew
Sphinx, for checking things for me


Sep. 7th, 2010 06:29 pm
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To make sure I'm understood correctly, and since polite requests in other situations brought exactly NO reaction, I'll be very blunt here from the very beginning:

I do not want to see a single pingbackbot ANYWHERE on our communities anymore. Not in MP, not on the cast community - CERTAINLY not on the cast community - and most definitely not on LTSH.

You don't have to use every feature LJ comes up with to insert some bits of code in our community, or spam our threads with unrelated posts. This isn't subject to discussion, and I expect that for a change I'll not have to repeat myself.
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I am posting this now, pissed off as I am at the situation, because I know if I let it simmer until tomorrow morning I'm likely to be too irritated to type straight, let alone retain the last bit of politeness I'm still holding on to.

Things are going wrong when new players leave the chat because they feel left out, what with everyone going on about some game that happened once upon a time and didn't work out.

I thought we were clear on this not being NO revisited.

So things are definitely going wrong when people who were not in NO but are in the LTSH Chat feel they need to either read up on Neutral Omens or leave because otherwise there's no way they can participate.

I might as well rename the chat Neutral Omens again, from how it was running tonight.

Sorry, folks, but I'm not running a NO reboot. Ever. I also don't want to hear players tell me "X told me to read NO because it's going to help you get into LTSH."

We're not Neutral Omens. Get used to it. If you can't, someone else will have to take over from me. I'm not going to run the ghost of someone else's game.

To make myself (hopefully) perfectly clear: I do not intend to censor what you can or cannot talk about in the big chat. However, I do expect you to
a.) remember this is NOT Neutral Omens, and
b.) to show those players who never were a part of NO - and that includes me - the courtesy of not presenting yourselves as a closed group that no one but a NO enthusiast can get into. I stopped reading in the chat often enough in the past because the discussion went where only a NO player or NO lurker could follow. I can keep half an eye on the chat to join back in when the topic switches. Others may not.

Additionally, I would like to remind everyone it's the LTSH Friday chat. In my opinion, game matters should take precedence. I don't want to see any player coming in later and asking game questions being talked over again.
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Well. You read 'Fox's announcement already. If not, go read it now.

What does this change of situation mean for you? According to Lifejournal's rules, the communities revert to the jurisdiction of the person running the place. Most of you are aware (or should be) from earlier chats and the time before 'Fox's imposed almost leave of absence that the legal situation regarding this kind of platform isn't all that easy here.

So, I need to rely on you that you stay civil, do not post anything unacceptable, etc. To protect myself, I will keep on the ban on NC-17 content past 14 July, even though I will close the communities for people under 18 on that date. Sorry, I know a few of you had plans in that direction, but it's just too hot for me, legally speaking. Keep the sex and violence vague. Well, particularly the sex and the graphic violence. Yes, that also means I'm making changes to the second plot. I will also keep my eyes open looking for a possible alternative platform that will permit us to play all out without putting me in any precarious situation legally. Decision on that can and will be made when I've found a potential one.

My leadership style is very different from 'Fox's, so be warned. We're switching from near-democracy to almost-despotism. That doesn't mean I won't listen to your input… You know I'm usually online, jump me if you want/need something.

'Fox will continue on as a mod, and so will Muri, so one might say the power has just shifted.
Remember I'm still not all that familiar with the Dreamstone plot, so try to get it over with. I'll not be the greatest help there.

Thank you.

P.S.: Anyone who DARES congratulate me or anything will regret it. That is a promise.


Apr. 14th, 2009 08:24 pm
cattygabriel: (Gabriel with flowers)
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I'm not quite sure if this is allowed...

In my latest post, Gabriel watches the sun rise, and last month I took a photo of a sunrise outside my house that actually inspired this particular scene. Since the picture fit with the post (it's just a gorgeous sunrise over the trees), I inserted it. Are we allowed to do things like that? If not, just tell me and I'll go ack and delete the picture. (:
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Okay people, we have people applying on this community so everybody can comment on the applications, have a look at their references, see if anything seems unclear, discuss their character, or just say hi. Everybody, that means you, the players, not just me, not the mods, all of you.
We've got an open application for Michael two posts down and we haven't announced a decision yet, because we want to give you the chance to talk with him. Go on, do it.

Also official chat times for the RPG will be:
Read more... )
Yes, I know most of you won't be able to make the whole chat, but it seems to be the time the largest number of us can be around for at least part of.

The chats mainly serve a social function and will be very informal. Come meet your fellow players, get to know each other, have fun and maybe some thread ideas will spring from it as well.


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