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It's been long in coming, hasn't it? But, here it finally is, a small compilation on bits and pieces of the world we play in.

Age of the World )

Angels and Demons )

What's where? )

Heaven )

Manifestations of God )

Angelic Hierarchies )

Hell )

A last word: Please keep in mind that we are not a strictly Biblical/whatever game. We're not even a Good Omens game. We're a Good-Omens-based free multiverse roleplaying game.

A word of thanks to everyone who helped with this compilation (in alphabetic order)

Brie & Jen, for initial research
Fox & Linda, for phrasings, discussions and general modly stuff
Rhaeii, for more research and translations from Hebrew
Sphinx, for checking things for me

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Following up Silverfox's announcements with another one.

In the scope of reorganising our information, 'Fox just showed the somewhat inconsistent heaven and hell tours the door. Now on to replacing them with someting somewhat more consistent.

If I do it, it's going to take time, because I need to wait for free weekends. Volunteers?

What I want for this is the following:
Consistent information, based on Christian mythology, backed by sources. As sources, I accept the following:

1.) Bible (obviously; since I assume you know as little Greek as I, state in your sources what translation you're using. If you know Greek, use a bible translation and state which one anyway, because I do not).
2.) Apocrypha.
3.) Possibly Dante, BUT you should actually be able to trace any background he uses all the way to the bible anyway.

I want any statement made backed by a source, nothing arbitraty, please. I WILL counter-check the sources before posting anything. I will also reserve the right to kick out any information backed by a source 'Fox or I find inacceptable.
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It just struck me - we've been randomly assigning rooms and conveniently ignoring stating the floor or room number. ;)

While I don't want to put a cap on the number of rooms available, obviously, I do hope to minimise continuity problems (for example, and I'm making this up, Uriel descending two flights of stairs from his room to go to the lobby, but Gabriel going up two flights of stairs from the library, which is on the second floor, to visit Uriel in his room). Plus, knowing where characters are in relation to yours might facilitate some interaction and thread ideas. :D

My idea: this post/thread will be a list - leave a comment stating which room your character is in, and I can link to it from the timeline post or something.

So if you guys agree that we should keep a list of who's in what room, the description of the Manor is here. I understand that you might want to take a while to think about the location and also choose a number with some significance to your character - while I have decided Gabriel's room is on the third floor I am still thinking about the number.

Plus, at some unforeseeable point in the future, I plan to draw a rough map to standardise the layout of the ground floor (for the ballroom, restaurant, bar etc) for the same reasons as keeping track of the room numbers. I'm not going to attempt the rest of the Manor. ;)

Edit: I've added a link to this post in the timeline post, but if you can think of a better location I'll change it (or get Fox, Ricky or Muri to change it if it needs mod powers ;) )

Edit2: I'll be adding each room to the list from now on. XD

101 - Uriel
102 - Belial
106 - Duncan McLeod
109 - War
110 - Raphael
111 - Rose Heerkens
201 - Methos
202 - Loki
203 - Joe Dawson
204 - Murdoc
208 - Jan Skovasja
211 - Baraq
303 - Anubis
304 - Trilby
307 - Gabriel
309 - Michael
310 - Jarod

Other notes: Gabriel will most often be found in the library between about ten AM to about six-thirty PM, allowing for his lunch and tea breaks. Rose should usually be found at reception, I think, and Joe is in charge of the bar. (it'd be great if I could get a rough estimation of working hours, since we may have the odd guest who turns up before the sun rises or at 3AM or whatever XD)


Aug. 15th, 2009 08:36 pm
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So I was happily checking out the new tags system at [livejournal.com profile] lower_tadfield .  And in a post dating back to 2003, I found this:

The First Hierarchy - Those closest to God who contemplate God's goodness

The Second Hierarchy - Those who preside over the ordering of the universe.

The Third Hierarchy - Those who have dominion over human affairs.


I know we can't use this because Aziraphale would outrank Gabriel, and all. But there's a specific task given to each set of ranks, which I thought might come in useful for discussion of jobs and such? Since our archangels are the highest rank, and yet are involved in humans (well, Gabriel is, since his job calls for it, and I suppose Rapahel, the Healer, would be as well) they're both Those closest to God who contemplate God's goodness  and Those who have dominion over human affairs.
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So, ages ago I promised you we'd have a big plot chat to decide all the open questions on Heaven and Hell.

Read more... )

So I've now decided to try and find a different decision making process. Instead of having a chat I'll post one agenda item at a time here and ask you- ALL OF YOU - to comment with your suggestions/ideas. You can ask questions about other people's ideas, but please don't go off topic (other points will be addressed in a later post or good points will drown in the mass of comments) or withhold your own ideas.

The first question will be posted shortly.

Edit: All votes annulled as of 04.04.2010. This didn't work either.


Mar. 11th, 2009 07:20 pm
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While we're establishing Hell and Lucifer (as seen below, in [livejournal.com profile] apocryphal_muse's post) and the status of the religions, could we also decide on what Heaven's like? (:

I'm wondering whether or not to have Gabriel go back for his 'stuff' (mainly books and a couple of other personal items) or ask someone to bring it, since it was an impromptu decision to stay. Even if I decide to have him simply make do with the Manor library, which is way more likely, I would still like to know what our established Heaven will be like.

I assume that it can get rather boring, since in The Book Crowley threatens Aziraphale with an eternity of The Sound of Music, and none of his favourite things (no pun intended) like chocolate or wine or precious first-editions or whiskers on kittens (sorry, couldn't resist). In my fic Reflections, and other fics dealing with Heaven, I describe it as the Silver City, although that was only because I was following Gaiman's description of Heaven in Murder Mysteries.

Do we use Gaiman's 'Silver City' as a basis and build from there?

[livejournal.com profile] chrisvenussays My vague thoughts would be of heaven as a place of art, fine classical music, beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens, fine food, and so on - a place of leisure. I would imagine that might have moved on a bit in more recent years and whether there are equivalents of more modern entertainments such as cinema, rock music, etc. is a little more fuzzy in my head...

I think heaven has to be more like a city though because people live their afterlife there. And given everybody who arrives is there for eternity its going to be pretty big...

Your thoughts, please!


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