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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Call me Ishmael.
In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.
Es war einmal...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Every story has a beginning, what's yours?

Some stories begin when the hero or heroine is born. Others drop right into the middle of their life. Sometimes we see flashbacks of the past, sometimes not. It's up to the writer to decide where it begins. At what point are we introduced to them? How would your character be introduced to different worlds and situations? In what ways would he or she behave differently if they were suddenly dropped into the army? An alien planet? A daycare filled with children? What would their first statement be? Their first thoughts? How would others view this newcomer? How would you, as the writer, begin his or her story?
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I just received the news that the servers that host our chats will be subject to maintenance from 25th to 28th and "may be unavailable".

Which basically means it may or may not work or it may work and then kick us off in between, after which it may or may not work...

Do you want to try anyway or should we skip this week?

Personally I'm fine either way, I'm probably at the computer anyway.
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It's October and growing up I have often associated this month with fear... Zombies and bedsheet ghosts and all sorts of varieties of the undead. When I was younger, I had a lot of fears. Then when I grew up, those fears changed. There may not be a monster under my bed, but there are daily monsters to be faced every day. This month's challenge is Fears. Scary stories told with a flashlight, monsters in the dark, giant spiders... or maybe it's not a monster. Maybe it's facing fears or even being controlled by them. Is your character brave enough to slay a dragon but has a secret fear of bugs? What kind of phobias might they have in the right situations? How can they develop by facing their fear? Would they do it alone?
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Hullo, all

I'll just try to keep this to the point.
I've been going through a hard time with my mental issues. Mainly they're things that could have been prevented, but at the time even with someone pointing out to me that I'm headed down a bad direction it doesn't register as being "real" until I've already crashed. That being said, this is not my first time going in this circle. Or the second. Or the fifth. It's pretty frustrating.

This time around, brain decided that all the previously blanked-out memories of varying levels of trauma should come out all at once. I woke up and felt like I've been asleep for a decade.

That's really all I feel comfortable explaining in the OOC, but I say that to ask this... I feel that I just need to know I have friends. I know that I do, but I feel like my brain needs reminded when my logic isn't quite up to the task of remembering on its own. In fact, it seems far too willing to convince me that I don't. I'm not expecting anyone to drop what they're doing or anything but if you happen to see this post and have the time, would you mind dropping a note in here? A smiley face would even be fine.

...I have no idea how much sense this makes, but if my Internet is working I should be in chat on Friday so feel free to ask me anything then.

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Lately I have been reconnecting with my past. Seeing things I've not looked at since I was little feels strange in some way, like a time machine plucked from the past. But in many other ways, it brings back good memories and good times.

This month's challenge is Childhood.
It can be an item from the past, a childhood memory, or perhaps about a character's inner child. Maybe they never went to a carnival, had a favorite toy. Did they ever really grow up? Were they an adult too soon? What brings them back to their past? Do they enjoy things that others would call "childish"? What would it be like to return to where they grew up?
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Sorted by status and names, here are the open threads and posting turns at the moment...


Started and Finished:

Michael (Loki just wants to have a little chat with Michael)


1 week
Jarod (Jarod contemplating his drink)
Kirby (Through the window or just under the door?)
Rose (Rose has a chat with another wolf)

2 weeks
Atlan (Atlan meets Jan)
Dustfinger (Dustfinger taking care of his equipment)
Jan, Joe, Murdoc or Kirby (Jan intends to have fun at the bar)
Joe (Dustfinger in the bar)
Kirby (Kirby taking care of herself)
Murdock (Playing with fire)
Rose (Jarod takes a walk)

3 weeks
Dustfinger (Dustfinger and Raphael)
Kirby (Kirby tempting Raphael)
Methos (Raphael has a chat with the plants)

4 weeks


To be declared complete by the mods unless somebody posts within a week:
Duncan (Truth or Dare)
Duncan (A nice morning for a run/walk)


Freshly migrated and waiting for you:
Anyone in the Truth or Dare thread (Truth or dare – Watcher’s thread)
And don't forget our challenge: http://ltsh-ooc.dreamwidth.org/147475.html (PS: Feel free to ask questions on my entries. These guys have a lot of history in my head much, but not all, of which is in a fic I don't expect you to read.)
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The first person to have ever told me that "blood is thicker than water" was my father. I was about six and didn't find out until I was much older what that phrase meant and it was realized with a lot of irony, considering how he had left us. It wouldn't be for another several years before the little family I had broke apart further... However, it wasn't that long ago that I learned that family isn't limited to who you share DNA or a last name with.

This month's challenge is Family Photo.
But it is not limited to a character's parent's or siblings or family relations... Who are they close to? Who would they fight for? What does family mean to them? Write a story or make a family tree. Draw a picture of a character with those closest to them. Or explain why they are alone.



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