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It is true, I am leaving LTSH along with Sirius_luva and Steadfast. I haven't really been able to get into the game like I wanted to nor have I gotten to know other characters like I wanted to. This is a great deal my own fault because of my IRL medical problems. I've started another new bout of physical therapy and frankly surviving that is my priority. I do think that while there are many great new characters I'd love to have interacted with, it isn't exactly a Good Omens rp anymore. I want to apologize to those whom I was planning on starting a thread with to meet them. I certainly did not mean to rude I just have enough to deal with on my own. Not to mention it doesn't help that Crowley is an antisocial distrustful bugger in the first place so between him and my own problems it's best if we finish up the threads we're on and take a bow then take our leave. Thanks to everyone who was polite and welcoming.

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Not a big surprise to most of you.

I'd actually been thinking about leaving for a very long time, and my heart hasn't really been in playing for at least a couple of months. There are various reasons for this which I have mentioned here, but mostly this is not the game I joined, a lot of the time I watch threads and feel that my characters would not fit, I personally want to RP other storylines and scenarios which would not fit here, and thus I don't think that my characters fit in the game anymore. And recently it's been brought to my attention that it's no great loss if my characters leave, for which I apologise.

I have had a lot of fun in this game, met a lot of wonderful people, and I still have a great deal of respect for the game and its players. Each and every one of you are amazingly talented. I would still like to be friends with anyone who wants to; you all know how to contact me. It's kept me going through some horribly stressful times in RL, and I am truly sorry to leave it, but for quite a while I was remaining in the game only because a) I didn't want to cause continuity problems by leaving, b) I'm a sentimental sap and c) I didn't want to lose contact with several of the players.

I will still be here for some time because I want to wrap up all my current threads and have both my characters make a graceful and IC exit, and I would like to request that whatever you may think of me personally, please don't let that affect RP, because I would really rather not leave behind incomplete threads.
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...This is probably not going to surprise anyone. Well, aside from those of you who may not even have been aware I was in the game at some point.

I am, at long last, dropping Artemis Fowl as a character. As you've probably noticed, I have been anything but active with him, and it's about the time I stop driving poor Ricky crazy by having her constantly warn me about my inactivity.

(Why have I not dropped before? Simple. I like talking with the players here, and my experience in other games is that dropping the game will lead to loss of contact. Here's hoping you won't abandon me entirely even if I'm not formally on the player list anymore.)

I apologize for my inactivity, and hope to still talk with you all~ If ever I find a non-anime character who can actually hold my interest, I'll be sure to try to do better.



Jul. 29th, 2010 09:43 am
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Chris is leaving us for the moment, but wants to keep open the option of returning at a later point of time. Therefore, Dream is now inactive and open to be applied for. However, if and when Chris returns, he'll be free to take up Dream again without a separate application.
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I have gone through and deleted my own posts.  Since I could and since I asked, but was denied (don't do that...especially since I was trying to be nice about it).  Also, Alisha has informed me that she's leaving as well and does not have time to make a post about it. Have a nice day!

P.S. I would like to appologize to Sphinx, however, as I did delete my posts out of her thread, but LJ is stupid and so she's left with only her responses to my posts that are no longer there. :/


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